Alloy Wheels, He9, Cast Aluminium, Chequered Plate, New Cuts, Ingots, Irony/Pick Aluminium, Thermal Break, Cylinder heads, Gearboxes, Stainless Steel, 301/304/316/321/347 Grade


2205/2507 Grade, Zeron 100

Chrome iron:

13% Chrome, 15/5 PH, 17/4 PH

In this section you will find a list of the most common aluminium’s, stainless steel’s, chrome irons and other lower value nickel and chrome items.

These vary from the simple household sinks, kitchen equipment and house windows to heavy duty frames, sheets and pipes. With the stainless steel, chrome iron and lower value nickel and chrome items it is very easy to be confused as they look basically the same that is where our state of the art Niton XRF Analysers come into their own and we can PMI Test your metals so we can let you know exactly what grade the material is and gives us the knowledge to pay you exactly what your material is worth.

As well as the solid forms of these materials we can also handle all turnings and swarf of each grade. Below are some of the most common items in this section but if there is something you can’t find then just contact us and we will do everything to help you with grading your material.





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