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All cars registered on or after the 1st August 1992 are required to be fitted with Catalytic Convertors, these are the part of the exhaust that reduces 3 harmful compounds in exhaust fumes Carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas) Nitrogen oxides (a cause of smog and acid rain) Hydrocarbons (a cause of smog). This means that they have trace elements of precious metals like Rhodium, Palladium and Platinum. This means that your old catalytic convertors are worth money!

At Panda Rosa Metals Canal Road Site we have highly trained staff that can help you get the maximum returns on your old catalytic convertors by grading them and ensuring that you are paid the correct value for these items. Whether you have just had the Catalytic Convertor changed on your car or you are an owner of a garage or breaker yard with multiple units we strive to ensure that your experience selling your catalytic convertor is as easy and hassle free as possible.

We accept all types catalytic convertors from different vehicles like cars, vans, trucks and from all car manufacturers, below are some of the more common manufacturers to give you an idea:





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